the trash, my Gramma, and a word from God.

Today was my turn to take out Gramma’s trash.  

After I drug her trash can to the corner, I came in to visit for a moment.  As we were sitting at her dining room table, me eating my lunch and her watching, we began to visit.

We began to talk about how God uses people in mysterious ways, even when they don’t feel like being somewhere, or don’t really understand why God’s leading them one way instead of another.  My Gramma began to share with me some of her stories.  She began to share some of the things she has gone through in her life and what God had done in her and given to her through the process, because of how she had obeyed.  Without those experiences, she explained, she wouldn’t be who she was today, she wouldn’t have met my grampa.   

She talked about the importance of obedience and trust.  To “Be still” and know that He is God, to learn to hear His voice, and to obey it at all costs… 

No victory comes without a battle.

My Gramma has fought some big battles (and is currently fighting her fair share…), she a lot of reasons to complain.  She has a lot of valid excuses to throw in the towel and feel sorry for herself, or to blame God, but she hasn’t.  For one, she was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple months ago and is currently undergoing treatment.  There are many things in her life that are unknown and scary.  Yet, she chooses to trust God, day by day, moment by moment.  

Although, I am “actively waiting”  for God to make it clear to me “what’s next,”  I want to learn to hear His voice more often, and louder than all the rest.  I want to know exactly when he is speaking to me, and I want to know how to appropriately respond.  I want to be so obviously in love with Jesus that when others look at me, they don’t see me, they see Him.  I want my relationship with Christ to not be circumstantial, or feeling based.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. -Proverbs 3:5-6

Today, my Gramma challenged me in this area to do just that. She gently reminded me to “look up,”  and to keep my focus on the face of Jesus. I walked away encouraged and knowing that she was fighting for me, loving me, praying for me, and was so excited for what God was going to do next.  Gramma, I have so much to learn from you.   Thank you, I love you.  

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