Of a Child-Like Faith

“I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:3-4

Over the Past couple of weeks, I have had the immense pleasure of reading through the Gospels. Lately, through my daily encounters with my Divine Mentor, my eyes are being opened more and more to the significance of Children to the Body of Christ. Over and over again Christ stresses and reiterates the importance of Children, taking the time to bless them and heap value upon them. 

While reading His Gospels, my Mentor challenged me to re-discover what it means to have the faith of a child; to love Him purely and to trust Him simply because He is who He is.  To guide me on my journey towards possessing a child-like faith, my Mentor has blessed me with the perfect teacher.  

Allow me to introduce her to you…

Her name is Julia, and she is 2.

Julia is the eldest child of two of my best friends. She is a precious little Princess who loves life, her family and friends, books, and “num nums.” Julia hates taking naps and, seems to ask “why” about, well, anything…  Seem like a typical child?  Exactly.  Why would my “Perfect Teacher” be a potty-training 2 year old?  Because my bible says I must become like a child if I want to enter the Kingdom of Christ. 

Children are saturated with the aroma of Christ. 

Julia is pure, and unfiltered.  She wears her emotions on her sleeve and holds nothing back. When I walk into Julia’s house, she gets excited. She runs to me and hugs me with everything she’s got and wants to play with me; and when I do something that upsets her, she lets me know (and then forgets about it later… she’s not so good about holding a grudge, also Christ-like…).  

Julia is trusting.  She takes me at my word.  When I tell her something, she wholeheartedly believes me. She is dependent upon whoever she is with.  She understands that she cannot make herself dinner, go to “telsea’s house” or go potty by herself; so she asks for help (usually…).  

Probably my favorite thing about Julia is that she loves Jesus…a lot.  I love to listen to her pray.   She prays with simplicity and honestly that I’m positive delights my Creator.  Not only does she pray often, but Julia prays for all her family and friends by name, every time!  I love to think about it… how many times a day do I get prayed for by Julia?  Only Christ knows… It compels me to do the same.  

Through my friendship with Julia, and my constant pursuit of loving Christ, I am being shown the importance of Children.  Lately I have been convicted, haunted with the wonderment of how many times I have silenced the voice of my Mentor, or disabled Him from doing what He pleased in me simply because I have brushed away His children, dismissing them and patting them on the head, because I have viewed them simply as “cute additions” to the Body of Christ.  How many times have I hindered the work of Christ because of my ignorance?  The thought of this makes me sick.  

I am committing to learning to see and love Children as my Mentor does; to getting to their level and learning to see Christ through their eyes.  For theirs is the Kingdom of God.

Lord, please teach me what it means to live with the simplicity and the faith of a child.  I want to trust with everything that I am.  I want to take you at your word.  I want to live passionately.  Teach me to love you in such a way that I cannot quit talking about you, in such a way that when others look at me, they see you.  Lord, thank you for Julia. Thank you for placing her in my life and using her to open my eyes to what it means to love you more purely.  Lord, I ask that you would protect her innocence and ignite a fire in her that would be unquenchable.  May she love you recklessly.  I ask that you would use her to change the Nations, to draw the lost back to you.  Lord, I pray that You would always be her first Love, and that Your voice would always be heard in her ears louder than all others.



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