a four minute wait time

So, apparently, I have more power and authority at Starbucks than I thought… 

The other morning, early, I was working on brewing a coffee traveler for a customer at work when I heard from across the store, from a different customer, an annoyed-sounding man asking the barista to speak to the manager.  The barista gladly pointed him to me.

The man walked across the store, while I put down the coffee traveler (and braced myself for a complaint), and went out to meet him.  

“What’s up?”  I asked him.

The man preceded to tell me that his 4 minute wait time on his beverage was way too long (btw- he didn’t actually want me to fix his problem- he got angrier when I asked him how I could help…) and that I was personally responsible for the upcoming 600 store closures… 

The next morning he came back in, and I personally waited on him… the entire time.  I rang him up, and made his drink in about 2-3 minutes… the things people get worked up over… some people just make me chuckle.

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