The Gospel and the morning paper

So, If you’ve spent more than 3 seconds visiting my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I Love Jesus…

I’ve spent my entire life going to church, hearing about Jesus and listening to stories from the bible.  I’ve sang every cute Sunday School song, been in every Church performance.  I’ve grown up knowing the Word of God to be true, to be superior.  

I believe the bible to be the Word (or words…) of God.  I believe that it is our t-shirt tag (it tells us what we’re made of, and gives us the instructions we need to care for our lives). It is essential for growth in our relationship with Christ.  When you read it, it changes you.  I believe you should open it everyday.

Recently, I have discovered something else I believe should be read everyday.  The Newspaper.  After raising from the dead, and before ascending into Heaven, Christ commanded his disciples to Go into all the world and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15).  The last thing Christ did on earth before ascending into Heaven was command His disciples to go out and reach out.

It’s an awesome thing to know Christ.  I have found that as I get to know Him, I get to know myself.  I find what I’m made of and discover what I was made to do.  

Reading the newspaper helps keep me in tune to the world around me.  It helps me better understand my community.  It helps me better understand the people God’s placed around me.  It gives me a better idea of the things to pray for.  It helps me connect with the world around me.  

Being a Christian means I am to have a missional mindset.  It means that Christ’s mandate to Go into all the world and preach the gospel is to become mine.  It means that I am to Love, connect, and disciple the people God places in my life.  It means I have to do some research. 

Jesus understood the culture He lived in.  He connected with people and introduced them to His Father in a way that made sense to them.  He showed them something they’d never seen before.  And they were drawn to Him.

I have made it my habit lately to read the newspaper every morning over a steamy, hot cup of tea (lately, it’s been a soy chai tea misto, to be exact…).  I have made the choice to work at better understanding my culture and the world around me so that I can, in turn, better introduce my Savior to the culture I have been placed in.  

My challenge to you:  Read your bible.  Pick up the paper.  Emerse yourself in the Culture around you.  Connect with people. Introduce others to Jesus.

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