Morning Joe and Relationships

This Morning, I had the priviledge of having coffee with one of my pals, Kimpossible…

As the two of us curled up in two chairs, drinks in hand, we began to catch each other up on our lives, filling in the details since the last time we’d met for Japanese.  

After some time, our conversation turned towards the topic of relationships, and how who we are investing in, and choosing to have invest in us shapes who we are. 

Since this morning, I have been thinking a lot about people; about the influence we have on others, and about the influence others have on us… and ultimately, how often we choose simply to put our pursuit of comfort, and our relationships with others above that of our relationship with Christ.  

Often, I think that we believe that in our own lives, that we can hang out with whom we please, when we please, and how often we please, thinking that their character, attitude, and beliefs won’t morph into our own…


We, as Christians, are called to live a life of purity, one that is in constant pursuit of the One who is nothing short of perfection.  As followers of Christ, our lives do not boil down to merely a one time decision, “asking Christ into our hearts,” then going on living your life as if nothing had changed.  Jesus died for more than that. He craves relationship with us.  Our lives are meant to be lived in constant pursuit of Christ.  Following Christ is a moment by moment decision.  It’s a choice that we make, and remake, ultimately with and in every decision that is made throught our day.  

It is impossible for the decisions made by us, and by those around us to not have an effect on who we are. The places you go, and the people you to invest in, and allow to invest in you shape your character.  Ever wonder why you think, act, or react the way you do?  Look around.  Who are you spending your time with? How do they act?

A righteous man is cautious in friendship

Sometimes, our relationships with others are the very things that are holding us back from the things that God has for us.  And sometimes, He asks us to give up an earthly relationship so that we can have a more effective and meaningful relationship with Him.  As Christians, we need to be a people who guard our relationships well, especially the most important one, our relationship with Christ.  When we are first and foremost, setting our gaze upon Jesus, we when we are allowing Him pour into us, we are living life fully awake… we are becoming the person we were ultimately created to be.  Sometimes, the most Loving thing we can do is to walk away from a relationship (or relationships) that are not pointing to Jesus.  

Above all else, guard your heart, 
       for it is the wellspring of life.

At the conclusion of our conversation, Kim made a comment that accurately captured both of our hearts cries.  Kim simply sighed and weakly said, ” I wish people understood what they really longed for…”

Simply said.  If people really began to understand what their hearts have been screaming at them, they would have no other choice but to turn to God, they would have no problem “giving up” the blockades between them and the only One who’s Love truely satisfies…

May we all get a glimpse of Jesus and His amazing, transformative Love.  May we all begin to fathom what we really long for, and in turn, turn to Christ- the only One who can ever truely satisfy.

Kimpossible, you are truely a remarkable person… thanks for remaining my friend and for running with me in the race of becoming more like Christ.  I love ya sister!

One thought on “Morning Joe and Relationships

  1. Chels: You are amazing. It’s so true that we must guard what we allow to be invested into us… whatever is watered will grow. If selfishness, anger, bitterness, fear, and chaos in us is watered, it will grow. If love, grace, peace, kindness, faith, joy, and forgiveness is watered, that will grow. I love what you write. You are a friend that spurs me on toward love and good works, not only what I want in a friend, but also what God would want to see. I love you! You inspire me. You’re wonderful. That was some good rice yesterday 😉

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