You Win.

A couple days ago, I got the opportunity to chat online with Izumi (whom I call “Zum”) for awhile in the evening.  Zum’s family has known my family for as long as I can remember, we grew up seeing each other occasionally, and last Summer, we had the privilege of living, working, and doing life together in Hawaii.  It was there, that we became family.  

Recently, Zum moved to Korea to connect with Korean Pastors and organize events that will lead up to a large evangelistic event in Korea next Spring.  She is living in Korea, in an apartment on her own, trying to figure out the culture while still trying to learn the language.  She’s trusting that God has placed her there for a reason, and that He will do amazing things through her.  She’s amazing.

As we chatted, and Zum filled me in on what she was doing, and how I could pray for her, I was reminded of our time in Hawaii.  I was reminded of how I overwhelmed I felt at times, and how much I had to rely on God; simply because if I didn’t I would fail.  Being completely overwhelmed, and ridiculously under-qualified is sometimes the best place that we can be in.  It forces us to take our hands off, and trust God, completely…It forces us to take our eyes off self, and points them upwards towards Jesus, our enabler.  

As the two of us talked, I was quickly reminded of the lyrics of Hillsong’s “Shout Unto God.”   

The enemy has been defeated

Death couldn’t hold You down

We’re gonna lift our hands in Victory

We’re gonna make Your praises loud

I instantly got excited for what God was going to do; both in Zum, and how He was going to use her to help shape the Destiny of Korea.  I reminded her that she could do all things through Christ, who strengthen her.  That she already had won because she was partnering with Christ.

The past couple of days, I have been thinking about Zum and all that Christ wants to accomplish through her obedience.  Through my praying for Zum, and for Korea, God has opened my eyes up to other areas of victory.  I have been singing, a lot.  

As I was praying this evening, I felt like I was supposed to turn on “Shout Unto God” and declare the words over those I had/have been praying for. Often I think we think that our circumstances, the things that we are going through, are too great for God to handle.  We think that we’re too messed up, or that if we fight just long enough, maybe, just maybe we’ll come out alive.

But, we’re forgetting something important.

“It is finished.”

We were bought with a price.  We are covered in the blood of the Perfect Lamb.  We belong to the One who fought and beat death.  When we choose to partner with Christ, we’ve already won.  All we have to do is armor up (Ephesians 6) and pick up our weapons and do exactly what He asks.  We don’t have to create our own battle pans, we don’t have to gather our own armies, we just sign on, and obey. 

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph

Shout unto God with a voice of praise

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph

We lift Your name up

We life Your name up

Jesus, You win.  Where there’s confusion, You win.  Where there’s addition, You win.  Where there’s sickness and pain, You win.  Where there’s anger and violence, You win.  Where there’s fear, You win. Where there’s poverty, You win.  Where there’s grief and loss, You win.  Where there’s brokenness, You win.  Where there’s deception, You win.  Where there’s bondage, You win.  

And the God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet.

Your Name is above all Names.  Your Light triumphs darkness.  Your power has conquered death.  You Win.

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