New Year’s Revolution

This past Thursday marked the beginning of a new year.  Since then, I have been curiously listening to others boast about how this next year’s going to be different, sharing about their hopes to change.  

Get in shape.  Eat healthier.  Stop smoking. Drink less alcohol.  Save more.  Spend less.  Give more.  Volunteer.  Swear less.  Open my bible more.  Get a better job.  Spend more time with family.  Act cooler around my children.  Be more independent.  Be less stressed.  Travel.  Be less grumpy…

During one of those instances, a thought entered my mind:  How often do our “resolutions” actually stick all year?  How often do we actually follow through in the things we’ve promised to ourselves and proclaimed to the world?  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time pondering this…

Often times, I think our resolutions are self centered.  We think, “a new year, why not a new and improved me?”  And so, for a month, or two we bend over backwards to improve ourselves so others might like us more.  Sound familar?  Yeah, to me too… 


As I was listening to a friend proclaim a ridiculous ’09 Resolution last week, a thought hit me… like a ton of bricks.  Instead of making a New Year’s revolution, one to change me, making me more presentable to society, I would instead commit to something greater… something much, much bigger than me.  

This year I’m starting a New Year’s Revolution.

According to Webster’s dictionary, a Revolution is a total or radical change in ways of thinking or behaving.  If something is revolutionary, it is usually referring to something or someone who altered the way that you think, act, speak, dream.  It refers to something life changing.

I want to be revolutionary.  I want to walk so closely to God that it is impossible to spend time with me, and not spend time with him.  I want to look like him, I want to act like him, I want to speak like him,  I want to respond like him… I even want to smell like him.  

Looking at the life of Jesus, it is obvious that he was nothing short of revolutionary.  Everywhere Jesus went, his life demanded change.  The way he displayed Agape Love and sheer perfection made it nearly impossible for those he came in contact with to leave his presence the same as when they entered it.  He lived in constant communication with his Father, and manifested him beautifully to the world.  

Jesus loved people well, yet didn’t allow them to settle for less than what they were created for.  He saw them in fullness, called them up to where He was, and if agreed to, catapulted them into their destiny.  He did that throughout history, and He does it today.  

I want to be like that. I want to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Starting today, and continuing into eternity I want to be one who is seen as Jesus.  I want to be one who Loves well.  Whose touch brings healing, whose words bring freedom, whose actions bring life, and whose obedience brings change.  

I want to see people the way their Maker sees them, through the eyes of Perfect Love.  I want to meet them where they’re at, and introduce them to who they were created to be.  I want to see people live life wide awake, living in fullness, and catapulted into their destiny.  

I yearn to Love well.  I want to be the hands, and feet, and words, and touch of Jesus.  I desire my actions and my words, my decisions to activate revival and freedom.  I pray my lifestyle would usher others into a radical Love relationship with Christ.  I crave for my life to outlive me.

This year, my Revolution starts with Jesus.  He is all I could ever need, and far more than I could ever hope for.  His life in me has rescued me from meaninglessness, and brought my life purpose and fullness.  May His life in me shine bright.

I want to live like You.  I want to Love like You.  I want to see like you.  I am Yours.

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