Fight Like a Girl

image005A couple days ago, I picked up and opened a book that seemed to be collecting dust on my bookshelf for quite some time.  The book, “Fight Like a Girl,” by Lisa Bevere, talks about the beauty and the power of being what God has called many to be, a girl.  

Many times, we women are afraid of who we are.  We feel akward as women, we feel weak, or insigficant… less than men.  We complain about eachother being too nosey, or “backstabbing, or simply just too difficult to understand, complaining that we don’t “just say it how it is.”  Many times, many of us, uncomfortable in our own shoes (as cute as they may be…) and seem to regret being born a woman, so instead of acting like one, we choose to hide our femininity, covering ourselves in an aura of manliness.

So, we parade around, doing our best to beat man at his own game. We buy into the lie that says if you wanna be powerful, you must act like a man, you have to go into their world, push them out of the way, and be better than them.  So, we insist on being the superior gender, convincing ourselves that anything they can do, we can do better.  We try our best to act like men, and we rob ourselves of something truly powerful, being what we were created to be.

Why is that?  Why are we so afraid of being women?  Why do we think that in order to gain respect, in order to have significance we have to erradicate gender differences, and all act the same? 

Why do we take the statement, “You fight like a girl!”  as an insult?

The bible says that both man and woman were created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27).  Adam was created first, but Eve was needed to complete him.  Both genders display different attibutes of God, together displaying a beautifully powerful portrait of the character of God.  

But, in order for His portrait to be accurate, we must first, on our own, be displaying our individual uniqueness.  We must first embrace our own gender, grab ahold of grace, and live up to the standards He has uniquely set for us.

Women, when we walk in our calling, we have incredible God-given power.  When we throw aside how we have been fashioned, and re-create our own skewed identity, we are limiting our power and dulling the reflection of Christ in us.  We have each been created for purpose and meaning, we each have an immense call on our lives; one of adventure and meaning and significance.  

When we learn how to become the women God intended us to become, we are ultimately choosing a life of freedom.  When we chose Godly femininity, we are choosing to trust that God understood what He was doing when He designed us. Men and women are different.  We see things differently.  We have access to different areas of the heart.  We communicate differently.  We show Love differently.  We fight differently.  We are capable of different kinds of greatness. 

We need to ask God to show us how He sees us.  We need to begin to re-embrace femininity.  We need to learn to walk in our unique, set apart giftings and callings.  Women have the ability to do incredibily significant things, only they can do.  We need to rise up and bring our contributions.

Lord, may I learn to embrace the femininity that You long for me to display.  May I become a woman who passionately seeks You, actively Loves You, and accurately displays You to the generations I meet.  Teach me what is means to be a woman after Your heart.  I don’t want to be a phony, buying into the lies of the world, telling me that I am weak and insignificant because I am a woman.  I understand that You have created me for greatness.  You have created me to do things, to Love people, and to fight and win battles that only I can accomplish.  Thank you for Loving me, for cheering for me, and for extending to me Your grace over and over again.  Thank for You for making me the way I am, and for teaching me to fight like a girl…

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