God’s Gift of Waiting

God’s Gift of Waiting

by: Bonnie S. Kopp

Waiting reveals what we truly believe; it reveals our hearts and areas of unbelief.  It reveals my unbelief to me; God already knows about it.

Waiting stretches and grows our faith so that our limits can expand.  It allows us the freedom to live now in absolute confidence.

Waiting transforms our own small life story into an eternal great story.  It reveals eternal perspectives

Waiting forces us to live “in the present”- learning for the last, being confident in the future while fully embracing today.

Waiting aligns our desires with His desires.  It teaches us His heart.  We beg God to move the mountain and discover He wants to move us instead.  

Waiting increases our awareness of our need for Him.  He withholds what we think we want in order to give us what He knows we need, an endless need for God himself.  

Waiting affords us the opportunity to be in His precious presence.  It keeps us on our knees.

Waiting teaches us the discipline of “silence” Be silent and know that I am God.

Waiting gives us “time” to embrace and deal with pain!  Time to deal with things we have ignored, denied, or buried.  Don’t waste the pain, let it drive us to the Healer!

Waiting gives us the opportunity to realize our weaknesses.  Our helplessness can be our greatest asset.  Waiting teaches us that when we are weak, He is strong.

Waiting makes us realize how very little control we really have over anything in this life.  Relinquishing control to God is how we truly grow.

God is waiting because He is not willing that any perish.

2 Peter 3:9

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