My last night in Japan.

(sigh) Tonight is my last night in Japan.  I can hardly believe it.  

dsc03600I have had the immense privilege of attending my good friends, Ribe and Yosuke’s wedding this weekend.  Ribe and I have known each other for over a decade, and lived together in both Washington and Hawaii (also with Yosuke, where we all worked together to put on the Festival of Hope and Light).

I have had a wonderful time in their world this weekend!  It’s been so great to just be together, living life a bit over the past couple days.  Their wedding was a perfect display of their characters and their passion to put Jesus at the center of everything they do.  I was honored to be apart!

I spent this weekend with some of my most favorite people!  My friends, Astin, Zum, Mitsu, and Mari were all in town for the wedding.  We all worked together in Hawaii, and got to have fun in Japan over the past couple of days!   We all enjoyed the wedding, went to a Jazz concert, went to church, ate together, went shopping, and relaxed together.  

Starting this evening, we are all beginning to return back to our “regular” routines… Yosuke and Ribe off to the States, Mari back to work, Mitsu, Zum, and I to Korea, and Astin (a day later) back to New York. 

What a blessing this weekend was!  These guys are like family.  I love the fact that we don’t see each other, talk to each other, or even live near each other, yet we still share a common love for each other, and for Jesus.  It’s wonderful.  Hopefully we’ll all get to see eachother again soon!

Maybe at the next wedding… I wonder who’s it will be!?

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