My Jesus is

Life in my shoes seems a little crazy and uncertain lately.  I have been finding myself uneasy about my present, and my future (I’m not going to list all the details… for heaven’s sake, I am posting this on the internet for all to see…).  Life seems to be changing all around me, leaving me constantly wondering (and sometimes worrying) about “what’s next”.  What does that look like?  And, how in the world am I going to afford it?  It seems like the more I ask myself questions about my future, the more I wonder if what I’m doing, right now, is really what I am supposed to be doing…I’m not wasting my time, am I?

This weekend, our church hosted a worship and transformation seminar.  It was awesome.  We spent a lot of time focusing on who we actually worship, and how that really effects who you are.  

What you think you worship and what you actually worship aren’t always the same things…

What do I really worship? What goes through my mind when I wake up?  What do I exalt with my words, and with my actions during my day?  What consumes all my time?  What do I dream about while I’m falling asleep?  Hmm… some of these questions don’t have the answers I wished they did…

So, I find myself asking Jesus, once again, for forgiveness.  I find myself, once again, running to the foot of His cross, humbling myself before Him, and giving Him my life. This evening, I thought it might help me remember the goodness of my Savior if I dwelt upon some His characteristics.  As I have done, this, I am once again finding myself falling more in Love with Jesus, the One who first Loved me.

My Jesus is:

my Supplier, in time of need

my Comfort

my Healer

my Strength

my Vision

my Voice

my Love

my Savior

my Friend

the One who fights for me

holding my future in His hands

all knowing

full of aggressive grace

abounding in mercy








my banner

altogether Lovely

worthy of all of me


unable to tell a lie

crowned in glory and honor

my redeemer

my restorer

my supreme light


the lifter of my head

the fairest of 10,000

the resurrection and the life

the root of Jesse

the splitter of history


the fulfiller of destinies

the only way to heaven

the greatest teacher even known

the feeder of thousands

the Lion of the tribe of Judah

the ultimate sacrifice, a lamb without blemish

the fulfillment of prophesy 



faithful in keeping His promises

my God.  In Him I put my trust.  To Him I give my life, my Love, my all.

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