eyes wide open

“Some dreams are so powerful you cannot let them rest in your sleep.  You have to live them when you’re awake.  You dream with your eyes wide open.”

What do you dream about?  What pulsates inside of you?  What burns inside your veins?  What do you feel most alive doing?

I have dreams that I cannot shake.  There are things in me that seem to burn unquenchably inside of me. Things I yearn to do, to be, to become…

I have dreams of seeing thousands saved.  I have dreams of healing.  I have dreams of seeing people set free.  I have dreams of raising up the next generation, discipling them into passionate Lovers of Jesus. I have dreams of sharing the gospel in other Countries, touching people and seeing them healed, and being the hands and the feet and the words of Jesus; radically displaying Love, like it’s never been seen before.  I have dreams of getting married and raising a family, and dreams of traveling. I dream of changing the world.

“Wow,” you might be saying, “Don’t you think your dreams are a little lofty?  Do you really think you can accomplish all that?  Oh, and by the way, how much of that are you actually doing right now?”

To answer your questions:  Yes.  I do believe my dreams are a little lofty… and yes I do believe that I can accomplish them, but not on my own.  I believe that the dreams that have been placed in me can only be accomplished with the help of the One who placed them in me.  It requires that I choose to walk what is not yet seen, as if it were already come to pass.  After all, who really dreams of things that are easy for them to accomplish on their own?   If my dreams can be fulfilled by me alone, without God’s hand, I’m settling for much, much less than what I’ve been fashioned for.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see…. Faith is not the Christian version of a wish.  It’s about speaking something into reality… Faith is about substace.  It’s about knowing what has not happened will certainly.  Not because you will make it happen, but because God will make it happen. It’s conviction about things unseen.  It is the promise of a better world, a better future- a better you.

Often, I think we begin to listen to the voices around us.  We begin to question the dreams placed in us.  We begin to think them to be impossible.  We stifle our dreams, and tell ourselves that it’s childish behavior, we fear that the pursuit of our dreams, the things we ache to do and to be, and to become, will end in complete failure, and utter disappointment.   After all, why should we walk in what is yet to come?

Maybe that’s why God places such a high value on child-like faith… because children are so good at dreaming…

In the book of Hebrews, the  Devinely-inspired author describes faith as “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  Faith, is choosing to agree with what God wants and walking in the unseen as if it were seen.  It’s choosing to discover what we’re made of (by discovering the One who made us), and choosing to conquer our overwhelming fear of failure.

Effective dreaming also takes focus, it takes effective planning.  The danger of dreaming without planning, and without action is your life is nothing but a mere dream…  You become all dream and no action.

We need to learn to dream more.  We need to learn to expect more.  Jesus didn’t look at things from an Earthly perspective, rather He saw things differently.  He saw the future, and walked in it as if it was.

In order for me to live up to the God sized dreams in me, I must give my all to the very One who implanted those very dreams inside me.  I must fixate my gaze upon Jesus, and allow Him to direct my thoughts, and my desires… I must give Him the rights to my life, and allow Him to direct my steps in the direction He wants me to go.  I must allow Him to shape me, molding me into the person He created me to be. He plants my dreams inside me, and through faith and action, I water and cultivate them into growth.

God created us to dream big.  He created each individual uniquely.  He created  each of us for a specific reason, to accomplish specific things… why wouldn’t He want each of us to widely succeed?  You’re His “Plan A (and by the way, there’s no ‘plan B…’).” God’s on your side.  He wants you to live your life fully alive.  He wants you to walk in the impossible.  He wants us to dream, and to plan, and to trust, and to act.  He wants to make the impossible, possible.

I am learning that dreaming is risky, yet, my dreaming is essential (and vital) to me walking out the life that Christ has set before me.  I am called to dream wildly, to dream extravagantly, and to dream bigger than I think is possible, and then to walk in faith, as if it is to come.

My prayer for you is that you would learn to do the same.

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