Requiring the Ridiculous.

“God always requires the ridiculous in order to release the miraculous.”

Over the past couple months, I have not been able to get this truth out of my head.  It seems to be ever present in my thoughts throughout my day, it slides out of my mouth in conversations with others, and it rolls around in my head, interrupting my dreams, when I close my eyes.

When I go to the bible, I find this statement to be nothing short of truth.  The Word of God is saturated with stories of God asking ordinary people to do ridiculous things, and then watching the extraordinary unfold.

God asks Noah to build a boat, on dry land, for a flood that will wipe out the nations…He asks Abram, old and childless, to leave his country and go to a place unknown, promising to make his name great, and to give him an uncountable inheritance…He caused the Red Sea to split with the lifting of a staff…He called a small boy, with nothing more than some stones and a sling shot, to defeat a giant and his army…He empowers Nehemiah to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem in 52 days…He causes the walls of Jericho to fall through marching and trumpet blowing…He tells a paralyzed man to get up and walk, and he does…He calls Peter out of the boat, and he walks on water…He asks for a little boy’s lunch, and feeds the thousands.

Often times (I am including myself in this one…), I think that we, as Christians tend to skim over the miracles God has allowed us to read about, simply because we already know the ending… it doesn’t seem like God is asking a lot from Noah or from Peter, because well, we already know that the flood comes, and that Peter walks, not sinks.

The ridiculous doesn’t seem so ridiculous when we see the ending, it’s just a part of the story.  After all, it rains and Noah is saved, and Peter walks on water… so what?

But, what is God calling us to?  What are the things that we have pushed aside because they sound too crazy?  In what ways have we held back the hand of God because we find what He’s asking of us to be just too ridiculous?

Have you ever stopped and thought about why God asks us to do the things that He does?  Have you ever wondered why He includes us in miracles? I believe it all boils down to trust.  Do we really trust that God is who He says He is?  Do we really believe that He’ll come through for us?  Is it really possible for something amazing to come out of an improbable situation?

In life, when I am asked by God to do something, something utterly impossible for me to complete on my own, I have no choice but to give it back to Jesus.  I have to ask for His help, and I have to rely on Him, trusting that He will be absolutely faithful in taking care of me.  Through the process of trusting God through my weaknesses, I am able to witness His strength, and I get to display His glory,  both in the process and after.  How amazing is that!

I recently visited with some friends of mine who are in the process of moving to Romania.  They are only about half way to their monthly budget, but are choosing to believe that God has called them, and that they will be taken care of.  In the eyes of the world, they seem a bit crazy.  Who in their right mind would move across the globe, and not be confident in their finances?  But- in the eyes of God, they are in the most perfect, beautiful place, a place of complete trust and surrender.

I believe God wants to get us all to that place, ultimate surrender. The place where we are saying, “God, you are literally all I have.  If you don’t come through for me, there’s no other possible way.”  God wants for us to be dependent on Him, he yearns for it.  I believe it’s when we get to this place (and only when we get here), we allow God to perform the miraculous.   He’s not waiting because He’s not able, He’s waiting because we’re not ready.

So- thinking about this, why do I still rationalize God?  Why do I try and tame Him, try to limit Him into something that I feel comfortable with?  He’s not safe, I should know that by now.  I can’t change Him, and I shouldn’t want to.  He’s not something that can be molded, and fit into whatever box I want Him in, He’s the God of the Universe; I’m the one who needs to be molded and changed into His likeness, not the other way around.

If I want God to use me, I better be prepared to do exactly what He asks of me, when He asks me to; no matter what it looks like, no matter the cost.

I want to be one who God uses in crazy, beautiful ways.  I want to hear his voice clearly, and respond immediately.   I want to be one who others look at, and can only explain the way my life is lived through Jesus Christ.  I want to be unshakable. I want to see the dead rise, the lame walk, the blind see, and the prisoners set free.

I want to be apart of the miraculous.

But, I must first agree to the ridiculous.

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