Do They Match?

Here’s a thought:

“if what the Bible says and how you live your life don’t match up… then you must begin the process of change”

Reading the bible doesn’t always feel good.  It often challenges me and causes me to re-access my walk with God, and my actions towards others.  If what I’m doing, or thinking isn’t aligning with what is written in God’s word, then I am not walking in what God has for me.

Often times, it is through God’s words I am challenged, and shaped.  It is during my time with Him that I am strengthened and encouraged; where my direction is made known and my path becomes clear.  It is so important that I am spending time, daily, with Him in His word, listening to His voice; allowing Him to show me what I am made of.

He’s our Author, and our Maker, and the Perfecter of our faith;  why in the world would we not want to listen to Him and do what He asks us?

So when your life, and God’s words don’t line up, you must change.

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