It’s Not About Me.

Lately, I have been coming more and more to the conclusion that my life is not about me…

Picture this: You star as an extra on the scene of an up and coming film.  Maybe you’re in a crowd of people at a party, or maybe even better, maybe the camera stops on you, for about a half a second… and maybe you’re part doesn’t even get cut out.  You’re stoked.

large_Hollywood Movie PremiereAt the premiere  of your movie (after all, you are in it…) you invite all your friends to the unveiling of your greatness, letting them know (repeatedly, of coarse) how awesome you did…

…and throughout your movie, you friends wonder if they missed you… how much makeup where you wearing? NONE of the main characters looked like you! Afterwards, they come to you, confused, wondering which character you were.

That movie was not about you….  you were an extra.  Your part was about a half a second long…. you were starring, appearing rather, in someone else’s story.

This is us. Your story, my story, our stories, really aren’t ours, they’re His.  The movie we are appearing (briefly) in, is Jesus’. It’s about Him, it’s for Him, and to say it’s ours is simply ridiculous.

But- honestly, how often do we do this?  How often do we blow up the importance of our brief appearance in someone else’s story?  Our job, as an extra is really to point to the main character.  For us to believe that the story is about us, or rather try to rewrite it, is preposterous.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying to dillute our importance- the bible says that we were all created in the image of God, for a specific purpose.  There are people that only you can reach, and things to accomplish that only you can accomplish… You were created uniquely, you are powerful.

But- this can become distorted.  We forget that our life is not really our own.  We forget that our job is to simply Love and obey Jesus Christ, and to point others to Him, honoring Him with our entire lives (simply put, difficult to walk out).

In order to live as Christ created us to, we must say no to our flesh, daily, and take up the cross of Jesus Christ.  We must think beyond ourselves.  What are you investing in?  What are you giving to? What happens to it when you die?  Can you take that to Heaven with you?  More and more, I find myself asking this question.  What am I investing in?  Sometimes, my answer is a bit unnerving!

I have been reading through the book, “Crazy Love,” by Francis Chan (for the second time…) with my church worship band.  Chan’s book is full of convicting truths, with the goal to make you, stop, examine your life, gaze upon Jesus, and learn to Love him better.  It’s been wonderful to talk through some sobering topics with a group of worshipers who simply want to learn to Love better.

I am hoping, through this process, I learn to Love Christ better.  I want my life to really not be about me (after all, it’s not mine, it’s His), but about glorifying Jesus.  I want others to look past me, and see Jesus- through my words, in my actions.  I want to live a legacy of Jesus.

I want to live like You do.  I want to see like You do.  I want to Love like You do.  I am Yours.

I want to be so trusting, so in Love with Jesus that my life simply doesn’t matter anymore.  I want to be able to get up an “GO” wherever he tells me, whenever He tells me.  I want to be able to say that compared to Jesus, nothing really matters (and really mean it).  I want to effect thousands, upon thousands-introduce generations to Jesus, simply by the way that I live my life.

Am I there yet?  No way.  Am I getting closer?  I hope so.  For me, I have a feeling this is going to be  a life-long process. But- as I step forward with Jesus, hopefully I am beginning to look less like me, and more like Him.

“I will go where You go.  I will say what You say.  I will be what You want me to be.   Over mountains and plains, through the valleys and seas, I will be what You want me to be.”

2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me.

  1. “I will go where You go. I will say what You say. I will be what You want me to be. Over mountains and plains, through the valleys and seas, I will be what You want me to be.”

    Do you happen to know the title of this song? and who sing this song?
    i heard this song once at church. and it get stuck in my head. im searching it online and your web page comes up. thanks.

    • It’s from the song “I Will Follow” I believe it’s written by Donna Lasit. It’s on Generation Unleashed’s album, “Shine”

      Hope that helps!


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