I’m With Hope!

Last June, I was given the opportunity to preview the heartbeat of Convoy by traveling with them to El Salvador.  During the week we  spent time playing with children, praying, participating in food distributions, building essentials bags (bags of food to feed a family of four) in their warehouse, and offering the Hope of Jesus.  I found myself not wanting to do anything else.

Over the past several months, I have found myself wrestling with life.

Who am I called to become?

Jesus, where are you calling me to go?

What do you want me to do?

After much wrestling, and after much counsel (and months of waiting and paperwork…), it’s official:  I will be traveling the world with Convoy of Hope!

Convoy is a faith-based humanitarian and disaster relief organization who specializes in food programs, water filtration systems and disaster response (both nationally and internationally). They are currently feeding 21,000 children a day in some of the most impoverished Nations in the world through their Global nutrition program.  Convoy is among the “first responders” in Haiti (along with FEMA and Red Cross) with disaster relief efforts, distributing over 300,000 meals (in the first 8 days alone) and installing 30 water filtration systems.

In June, I will be beginning an internship training program with Convoy, completing hands on training in Countries such as Haiti (I will be in Haiti June/July).  Until then, I will remain at home, working and raising financial support.

God has made it clear that, for me, this is the next step in the adventure He has planned out for me.  I am excited to jump on-board and see what’s next!

Check out my website! www.chelseawithhope.com

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