Tonight,  I find myself frustrated.  I am confused, heartbroken, and angry.  I am disgusted.

I loathe sin.

I hate it’s sneakiness, it’s ability to deceive and blind, to justify and dismantle someone’s life.  It makes me mad that we have let Satan become so powerful.  I am enraged and mystified in sin’s power to slide into my life and the lives of those I love, deceiving and transforming them into a  tangle of confusion and a mess of ruins.

Why do we allow sin to take control of our lives?  Why do we let it take root in our hearts, grow and blossom, choking out anything and everything that’s healthy?

It’s not a matter of if, sin is crouching at our door.  It is waiting to pounce and to attack.  It’s ready to  jump on and consume us.  But, I refuse to let sin win.

I will fight.  I will drop to my knees and I will pray.  I choose to fight and to side with the One who has already won.  I choose to go first and to do the hard work for those who are coming behind me, and for those who are struggling to break free.

Sin makes me sick.  It enrages me, and lights a fire in my bones.  I won’t be conquered.

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  1. declarations from within Civil War…I Love it! I miss you friend and want to hang out with this more confident and in Love with Jesus girl whose words I have read these past few months. Like how I made that all about me in only a few short sentences. Haha.

    Anyway, I am probably coming back to Portland for Katie’s graduation, which means I can make the necessary effort this time to swing up there if you can hang out a bit? I know you’re not gonna be any less busy at that point, but maybe you’ll realize that I’m that cool and worth it.

    Love to read your distaste for sin. God Loves it when you hate what he hates!

    God is good. I am not. Hooray!

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