Here in Haiti

First off… I can’t believe I am actually blogging from Haiti! I have been thinking, dreaming, and praying for Haiti for such a long time and now I am actually here, and it still feels a bit unreal.

I arrived in Port au Prince last Monday with my team and hit the ground running, touring the city and getting “introduced to Haiti.”  Since then, we have spent a sufficient  amount of time in churches passing out Sawyer water filtration units, and sharing about Jesus, the living water.

Today, our team had the privilege of visiting Susette and her husband at their orphanage just down the street from where we are staying.  Susette’s story was featured on a 1 hour special on CNN entitled, “Rescued” after the earthquake.  Before heading to Haiti, our team watched her story together.  It was pretty awesome to meet her.

This afternoon, our team headed out to the countryside to work with Gain.  While working with half of our team to create a garden, I blistered up both my hands, got attacked by fire ants, and had a trantula crawl up my leg… It was an experience!  But- we got the garden off to a great start and I am excited to see what it looks like with all the fruits and veggies growing in it.

During this trip, I have seen an incredible amount of devistation from the earthquake, and an indescribable amount of poverty.  But- through it all, I have seen Jesus.  I have found myself asking him over and over again to show me His heart for His people, and to teach me to love as He loves.

My heart breaks every time I look past a child begging in the street, or drive past a tent city, wondering just what goes on there after dark.  The streets are full of garbage and the unemployment rate is ridiculous.  Where do I start?  Can I really make a difference?  Why me, God?

This morning, Susette reminded me of a story told of a little boy who was throwing starfish in the ocean, although there were more starfish than then boy could possibly throw back, he understood that he was making a difference in the ones he was able to get to.  I am like that boy.  I can’t get to everyone.  It’s impossible for me to give everyone clean water.  It’s not likely that I will be able to smile at and hug every woman and child I see.  BUT- I can smile and hug and distribute water filters to some.  And I am here for a reason!

I am so honored to be here.  I feel privileged that God trusts me enough to choose me to be Him to the people of Haiti.  It’s been a wild week and I’m excited to see how the next two go!

Lord, be my hands and my feet.  Be the words out of my mouth.  I want to live like you do.  I want to Love like you do.  I want to see like you.  I am Yours.

2 thoughts on “Here in Haiti

  1. So happy that you arrived safely and have already been “getting your hands dirty” quite literally. Jesus will be your strength and joy and give you eyes to see His work. I love you!

  2. It’s incredible how God uses us when we are out of our comfort zone!!! Keep up the one-at-a-time, in the moment ministry–that’s what Jesus did. In the process, he’ll give you his heart. I’m praying with you. I love you!

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