Reflecting on my Day…

Today was a beautifully difficult day in Haiti.

As I sit here, brain dead on the couch, trying to write, I am finding myself wondering what is the least painful way to collect my thoughts of the day… How about bullet points?  Done.  After all, it’s my blog, right? 🙂

-We started off the morning early on a four hour journey, heading from Port au Prince towards the mountains to distribute water filters to a group of school children and church woman.  On the way up to the mountain, we saw a woman laying on the road who was just hit and killed by a car.  As we drove by,  I found myself wondering about her life.  What was she like?  Was she a mother?  A wife?  A daughter?  A sister? A friend?  Who would miss her?  How long until someone realized she was missing?

– After presenting, training, and giving out water filters at a school up in the mountains this afternoon, I watched a Haitian woman wash her face, arms, and body in a couple of tire-tracks, filled with muddy water.  She was not at our water filter distribution.  Her family will most likely continue to drink, cook, wash, and bathe with that water.

– On the way down the mountain, my team mate, Tyler and I spent sometime asking questions and getting to know our driver. After asking questions about his life, his kids, and his wife, we asked him where he was and what he was doing on Jan. 12. He said he was outside working and didn’t even know there was an earthquake, his wife and his son were in the house (but got out), but his sister died. He and his wife are now raising his sister’s daughter. She is three. Their house was destroyed in the quake and they are now living in a make-shift house on the side of the street. At night, he’s afraid to sleep in fear a car will crash into his house and kill his family. Even though he has the land, he doesn’t have the money to rebuild his house. So, next to the road he sleeps, with his family.  So so, sad.

So many things I saw today tugged at my heart, and made me sad.  So many things today made me go back to God and ask him simply, why?

I walk away from today more and more convinced that it has to be all about Jesus.  Life is unexpected.  It takes turns we don’t expect and can’t plan for.  I am so grateful for his love and his grace.  Without him, life would be unbearable, especially here.  Thank you Jesus.

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