Capture the Bigger Picture

I love seeing through the eyes of others.  Often times, when I try to see life through a different perspective, I find myself learning new things about myself, about others, and about my Jesus.

Moments ago, I stumbled across this post my Convoy team leader, Shannon, wrote summing up her summer in New Orleans and Haiti.  I love her heart and her perspective. I thought, why not share it?  I hope you enjoy!

“There was a Kodak commercial that stated CAPTURE THE BIGGER PICTURE. Words can never truly express the story that is seen by the eye and the heart. We have a very amazing God!

This summer Convoy of Hope had an intern team of 12 outstanding people that allowed God to use them for His glory. I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to be a part of their lives. For the 4th of July we went to New Orleans were we met with many volunteers to reach the community in celebration of our country and the freedom that Jesus gave us through his death on the cross. We went from one place to another inviting people to the event. One of the ladies that the interns invited was from an unhealthy area of New Orleans. When they walked away from her all they could do was pray in her behalf. Two days later she showed up to the outreach. She walked up to one of our interns that invited herand she shared her gratitude that someone out there cared. Most of all… God cares.

We spent the rest of the time in Haiti. We were given the opportunity to share the love of God all around Haiti. One of our main projects was to distribute water filters around the country. We were able to give over 700 out. It was reassuring to know that their lives can be prolonged because they have a source that we live by… WATER… and praise God for the living water that we have for eternity! We also went to many orphanages. There are so many little ones holding out there hands just wanting to be held, even if it is just for a moment. It reminds me of the moments that we reach our hands out to God desiring to be in His arms even if it is for just a moment. My prayer is that we shared that special love of God in such a way that it lasts a lifetime.

A moment is caught in a photo, but the bigger picture is captured when we open up to God and His plan for us all. Thank you for your prayers and support. The next term will begin September 9th. We will be going to Philadelphia and Kenya, Africa as well as a few other places with Convoy of Hope. Pray that together we can capture the bigger picture of what God wants to do in the world around us.”

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