Rained Out

Last night our team camped out for the first of two times this week (We have “Wilderness Training” for three days at the end of the week…).  And we got rained out!

<—-Fall ’10 team pre-rain

This morning, we woke up to the pitter patter of rain drops on our tent roofs.  As the morning progressed, so did the rain.  To say the least, by the time breakfast was finished, and the tents were packed up, all 15 of us were soaked to the bone.

So, we abandoned our plans of bonding on the ropes coarse and decided to go home, shower and do laundry.  After we were all cleaned up, we circled around the living room and told our stories.  Hearing each girl talk about her life, what she’s been through, and what God’s taught her makes me excited to get to know each girl better throughout the next three months!

This evening, we volunteered at Convoy’s Hands of Hope.  Every Tuesday night, Convoy opens their doors to the community and people come and volunteer in the warehouse working on whatever COH currently needs to accomplish and send out of their warehouse.  This evening, our team helped bag groceries that will be sent and given out in Philly during the outreach there in a few weeks.  It was so cool to be able to help in the preparation, knowing that we will be also helping in the distribution.  I love to be able to pair people with resources; tonight was fun!

Tomorrow, we will be introduced in chapel to the Convoy of Hope staff members, and then will work for the remainder of the day with a partnering organization called Sustain Hope, learning to make Bio Sand water filters and fuel bricks.  We worked with them yesterday and learned how to make solar ovens.  The people who work at Sustain Hope are so good at what they do. I am excited to see what other resources are out there and how they can be used in Kenya.

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