Bio Sand Finished! Well, Almost…

 Today our team finished sifting and cleaning the rest of the rock and sand layers for our bio sand water filter.  It felt good to put it together and watch the water start filtering out a bit. 

 A bio sand filter is supposed to have 2 inches of ½ rock, followed by 2 inches of ¼ inch rock, 16 inches of sand, topped off with a bio sand layer, a diffuser plate and a lid.  After measuring the completed the layer of sand, we discovered it was only 14 inches deep!  Bummer.  So, in the next couple of days we will have to find, sift and clean a couple more inches. 

 After cleaning ourselves up a bit, we headed to an open air Masai market.  I bartered a for a couple of paintings, and saw a couple of things I may go back for some other time.   We will be heading out near Mt. Suswe next week to camp near the Masai.  I’m excited.  I’ve heard they are a wonderful people group.  It’ll be fun hanging out with them for a couple weeks.

 After shopping, we loaded up the Land Cruisers and headed out for Ethiopian food, which included a coffee ceremony.  Even though I am really not a coffee drinker, I headed out with the coffee lovers because I was interested in the process.  They gave me  a cup of coffee as well; so I tried a few sips, and dumped the rest out when the lady wasn’t looking.

 Tomorrow our team is heading out to meet the Masai.  We will be hiking up to see the steam vents they have been using to harvest water from.  One of our projects we will be working on while staying with them is to try and find a more productive way to gather and store the water they are harvesting.

It’s been fun getting a bit dirty and feeling productive the past couple days (it’s also helping get rid of the jetlag…).  I am excited to see what comes!

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