Group Projects, Day One


Today was our first day of projects on the missionary compound here in Kenya.  Our group is working on a series of projects with Bryan, working towards the goal of having a working fire briquette press, Bio Sand water filter, tilapia pond, and several different garden models (including a greenhouse) up and running as different examples Kenyan group home directors can come in and look at, ask questions about, and ultimately take back and duplicate.  We are taking pictures and making notes along the way, with the intention of creating a catalog, including each of the projects and their building instructions, to give out to each of the group home directors. 

 Currently, in Kenya there are 10 group homes (run by AGWM), averaging about 10-12 children.  These kids are formally street kids, who were brought in, and are now each being cared for by a group home.  The wish of group home directors is that their homes would be able to sustain themselves.  We are here, working with Bryan, trying to create models to introduce to them, helping them to achieve their wish.

 My job, along with Hantana, is to head up the Bio Sand water filter project.  With a small team, we began yesterday by sorting rock and sand for the different bio sand layers. Tomorrow, we will finish the project by washing both sizes of rock, and the sand until all the dirt is gone, and the water is clear in buckets, and then will finish assembling the filter on the property of the Convoy warehouse here in Nairobi.

 The rest of our team began building the press for the fire briquette press and sort a container full of cans, getting them ready for distribution.  Tomorrow, they will finish those projects as well. 

 This evening, we went to Bryan’s youngest son’s school soccer game.  It was fun to get cleaned up a bit, get out and watch.  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve watched soccer live.  I didn’t really realize that I missed it.

 Sometimes, I forget that I’m actually here.  I’ll look up, and see Kenya written somewhere, and shock myself.  It’s a weird feeling.   But, I’m so grateful to be here.  I feel honored to be able to travel across the world, get dirty, and love others in an unconventional way.  It’s really cool. 

 Please keep our team, the Burr family, the group home directors and the children in your prayers.  Ask that God would do what He wants, when He wants.  Pray that our team is transparent, so that Jesus can be seen clearly through our actions and words. 

 Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support.  You are an extension of what is being accomplishing here.

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