Kenyan Group Homes


Today, we went to visit one of the Kenyan AG group homes.  We went to listen and to learn what is working well for them, and what they would like us to help them with.

 This group home is pretty well advanced.  It has a medical clinic with a lab, a school, a large outside garden (as well as a beautiful greenhouse), and cows that produce methane gas to power the school and the home and fertilize the gardens.

 While we are here, we will be spending quite a bit of time working with the group homes to help them discover ways to make their homes sustainable.  It is the wish of the local churches to make the homes self-sustaining, taking the financial burdens off them.

 This evening, we were supposed to begin digging the tilapia pond, but instead ending up doing a few team-building activities and praying for each other.  The tilapia pond is still non-existent, but our team is in much better shape!  I love it! 

 The tilapia pond?  Maybe tomorrow…

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