Meeting the Masai

October 16, 2010

Today we went out into Masai country.

 This morning we woke up, packed up the cars and headed out of Nairobi a couple hours to the Great Rift Valley, near Mt. Suswe.  There we met with a local pastor and several members of the Masai tribe who introduced us to the land and showed us the steam vents they have been harvesting water from.

 The land in the Rift Valley is very dry and water is a bit scarce; so, the Masai’s main water source comes from steam vents.  They have built piping systems in several different locations near the volcano’s crater.  The steam comes out of the steam vents and condenses inside the pipes and drips into the bucket at the bottom. 

 We will be living with and working with the Masai for a about 10 days in about a week to help them discover a way to store more water safely, as well as a method to harvest more water. 

 My favorite part of the day was probably meeting a young woman named Grace.  She was washing clothes with a few other girls near one of the steam vent sites.  Her English was good and she began talking to us.  She is attending college nearby and wants to be a doctor.  When we were leaving, one of the girls on our team felt like she was supposed to give her shoes to Grace.  So, she asked the local’s pastor for permission, and went to offer them to the Grace, who didn’t have any shoes.  I prayed they would fit.

 Grace was so excited.  The shoes fit her perfectly!  I carried Shan back to the car and she wore a pair of my sandals for the rest of the day.

 In addition to meeting the Grace and the Masai, and seeing their land, we saw Zebras, got a flat tire, overheated the van, and had dinner at the Burr’s.  All in all, it was a great day!

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