The Beginning of the Digging


 Today we started working the tilapia pond. 

 Along with 5 other girls, we shoved sand and dirt for the pond’s retaining wall, and then went to lunch.  After lunch, we were pleasantly surprised to see a group of guys from the Kenyan Teen Challenge had come over and were finishing our job.

 The six of us gladly went over and helped the rest of our team crush leaves and sticks and put them in a bucket for the slurry we’ll be creating for the fuel briquettes. 

 After our work day had concluded, we all walked to the village market, about a mile from our house to get fresh fruits and veggies. It’s amazing how cheap you can get stuff here!  I spent about a dollar on 8 mangos and a couple cucumbers. 

 Tonight, the team will be eating Italian with the Burr family.  Tomorrow, we will be working with Teen Challenge again to (hopefully) put a large dent in the tilapia pond.

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