Waking Up in Kenya


 This morning I woke up in Kenya!

 Despite the fact that I have spent the last several months raising support, planning, training, and dreaming of today (let alone my 24 hour travel day yesterday…), I still woke up in disbelief that I’m actually here.

 Yesterday morning started early.  I had been up late the night before, trying to get my one suitcase down to 50lbs or less (I was successful!  Final weight: 47.1 lbs) Once the truck was loaded and the house was clean, our team took off to the early service at Matt’s home church, where we worshipped together, and they sent our team off in prayer. 

We flew out of Springfield to Atlanta, and from Atlanta to Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam, a group of us left the airport and went outside to take a picture and to get our passports stamped. Heading back through security, we realized that one of the girls forgot her airline ticket in her bag, back at the gate. 

 So we started running.  We ran towards the ticket check-in sites, found the Delta counter, and printed off a new ticket, ran through security, and made it back to our gate in time to board.  It was a close call!

 From Amsterdam, we flew into Nairobi, where we purchased our visas, went through customs and immigration, found our baggage (All 30 pieces of luggage came in!  Thank you, Jesus!!), loaded up the vans and drove an hour to the missionary compound we’re staying in. 

The missionaries we’re working with, Bryan and Kim Burr met us at the house and helped us settle in a bit before heading to bed. 

 This morning, we are meeting with Bryan for orientation, and then will have a tour of Nairobi.  I am excited to see it in the light!

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