Camping in Suswa

Tomorrow, the team and I head up for a week of camping at Mt. Suswa.  Mt. Suswa is in the Great Rift Valley.  We will be spending time with the Masai people, working to help them clear an area to build on, as well as helping them find a more effective way to collect and store (and filter) water from volcanic steam vents.

This past week, half our team has been in Sambo, working in several village schools while we have been working here in Nairobi clearing out containers in the warehouse.  It’s been nice to have a bit of down time before heading out in the bush!

When we first arrived here in Kenya, we spent the day out in Suswa, simply hanging out with the Masai and exploring a bit of their land.  It’ll be nice to get back out there.  The Great Rift Valley is beautiful (it reminds me a bit of home)!  Last time we were out in Suswa, we saw zebras.  I am told by the locals that you see zebras, and giraffes everyday (and hear hyenas at night…), and that Suswa’s starry night is breath taking.  I am both excited and nervous for our camping adventures!

I’m sure I’ll have more stories to post when I return! 🙂

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