Camping With the Masai

I spent the last several days camping and building relationships with the Masai people.

We spent three days, two nights in Suswa and Olentoko camping, cooking over fire, attending church, playing with kids, telling and listening to stories, and falling asleep to the laughing of hyenas.

The first morning, we woke up to giant cat prints all over our camp site.  After talking to the Masai, they told us that there had been a leopard hanging out just above our fire about 8:00 that night…. We had gone to bed at 9:30!  I was glad that the twenty of us had been making enough noise that he didn’t want to bother us!

The second night, right before heading into the tent, we heard a lion roar in between the hyenas.  I got a bit nervous and head to the tent to try and sleep.  It didn’t work very well!  I spent most of the night laying awake listening to the sounds of the Rift Valley, trying to figure out how close the noises were to my tent.

I had a great couple days with the Masai.  They are a beautiful people.  They invited us into their homes, made us jewelry, and shared with us their stories.  I enjoyed my time with them, but, I am so glad to be back in Nairobi for a couple of days with real bathrooms and a bed!

One thought on “Camping With the Masai

  1. Wow! What an experience! I’ve always wanted to visit Africa and see the wildlife, but that seems a little too up close and personal. You are so blessed to be on this amazing adventure. Enjoy every minute of it! I’m soooo jealous. Can’t wait to hear more stories when you come home.:)

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