Praying For Rain

Suswa, and the areas surrounding it, have been suffering from drought for sometime. The Masai people’s cattle are dying and their water is becoming more and more scarce.

A couple morning’s ago we were standing with Pastor Abraham, a local pastor.  After showing us his greenhouse, he took us to his water source, which was almost completely dried up.  He asked us to join with him in praying for rain.

Before we left the area, a few members of our team felt impressed to pray for Pastor Abraham and for rain, then we left for Nairobi.  When we arrived back to Nairobi, Abraham called to tell us that it was pouring down rain!

We were excited to be apart of what God was/is doing in that area.  He is powerful, and He answers prayers.  How cool is that?

One thought on “Praying For Rain

  1. How unbelievably awesome and cool. The cause and effect is so WAY COOL!!! Makes one want to take the opportunity to pray and pray and pray some more!
    God bless you Chels! Carry on!

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