Group Home Presentations

I was looking through my journal today and realized that I’d forgot to blog about the group home presentations!

Last week, Jen, Brit, Karen, and I came back from Marsabit a couple days early to present our sustainability projects to the Kenyan Assemblies of God Group Home leaders. The morning after our 12 hour drive back to the city, we all met for breakfast, and to go over the day’s agenda

Bryan, our host missionary, called the group home directors to confirm their afternoon arrival, only to find out that they would be there at any time!  We rushed to get lunch cooking, and headed back to the house to get cleaned up for our presentations.  Despite  the crazy morning, the day turned out awesome.

The group home directors LOVED each of the projects and really took ownership in taking the ideas back to their homes.  They asked tons of questions abut how each project worked, and where they could get the materials to make their own.

After lunch, we gave each of the ten group home directors a fireless cooking basket to take back to their group homes.  They were seemed very grateful, and excited to try something new out in each of their homes.  Most of the group homes cook by fire in their kitchens.  This causes problems with vision, as well as causes damage to the lungs of those who are constantly exposed to the smoke.  We are hoping that the baskets will help in these areas.

I was bummed to leave Marsabit early, but was so thankful to be able to present the projects the team had been working so hard on to the group home directors.  I’m looking forward to hearing how each project is used and adapted into each home!

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