Today is my last full day in Kenya!  My, it’s amazing how quickly the past 6 weeks went by…

Today, the team went to a town about an hour outside Nairobi called Lamuru.  In Lamuru, there is a Kenyan AG group home that we have been working with, promoting sustainable projects, helping them figure out easier ways to support their group home.

I had so much fun playing, singing, dancing, and simply hugging on the kiddos.  That, is one of my favorite ways to show off my Jesus!  I love interacting with kids.  I love their innocence.  I love their acceptance and their big-ole belly laughs.

Today was also a special day because, almost 3 months ago, my church’s children’s ministry made bracelets and necklaces for me to bring with me to give to the kids here.  Today, I handed them out!  Before getting out of the car, I counted, and then recounted, making sure of the number in the bag.  42 and a necklace (for a teacher). At the group home today, there was 41 kids, and one teacher!  Isn’t God cool?  I was hoping for enough.  And there was.

The kids were so excited.  It was the perfect way to spend my last full day here in Kenya!

Now, if only I could get up the courage to pack….

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