This past week, our team went on a mini vacation.  We spent the first few days safari-ing in the Masai Mara, followed by a few days at the beach in Mombasa.

The Mara, which lies on the border of Kenya and Tanzania is a game reserve that is rich in its wildlife. And, we saw a ton of animals!  The first evening there, we saw gazelles, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, elephants, lions, and a trio of cheetahs attack and kill a wildebeest.  In addition, the next day we saw hippos, crocs, and a leopard that drug its lunch up in a tree with him.

We slept in a tented camp, complete with beds and a toilet and a shower! Seriously, it was my kind of camping. All in all, it was an awesome trip!

To Momasa, we took the over night commuter train.  It took 16 hours from the time we boarded in Nairobi, to the time we arrived in Mombasa.  We boarded the train, at dinner in the diner car, and all headed to bed.  Kisha and I shared a room, and imediately locked our car door.  Unfortunately, a few members of our team did not!  During the night, some people got into the rooms that we unlocked, and stole a couple computers and personal items.  After that, everyone was pretty much in edge.  It was a serious bummer.

At the beach, we stayed in a hotel about a five minute walk from the beach.  It was nice to just get away from everything, and simply slow down.  I mostly slept, laid by the pool (got burnt…), ate, and watched the soccer channel.  It was fantastic!

Riding the train back was a little bit nerve racking.  But, we were all smart about traveling and made it back to Nairobi safe and sound!

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