Pray For Japan

My brother (whom I often refer to as Dudley) is finishing off a year long internship in Aichi, Japan.  He has been working at our sister Church, immersing himself in the culture, and learning Japanese.

I learned of Japan’s earthquakes and tsunamis when my phone began ringing (and ringing…) in the middle of the night of March 10th.  I had to be at work very early in the morning, and had gone to bed earlier than usual and had missed the news of the earthquakes and the tsunami. People were concerned about my brother, and asked if I knew if he was alive.  I freaked out a bit, and did what any good sister would do.  I googled it.

Learning that the disaster was miles and miles from my brother and my Japanese friends, I checked Facebook statuses and went to back to bed, knowing that everyone I loved in Japan were still alive.  I didn’t realize how serious the condition North East Japan was until I had the chance to watch the news, and hear stories from my friends and my brother.

My heart broke. I hated seeing people displaced, my I ached inside as I heard story after story, and saw picture after picture.  I found myself praying often for Japan, I so desperately wanted them to meet Jesus, to experience His incredible love for them.  I wanted them to allow Jesus to transform their hearts, and give them a peace only He could give.

Unfortunately, time has passed.  Life’s gone on.  More things have caught my attention, and I have become a bit distracted. I’m sad to say that my prayers have become less frequent.

Dudley went back to the area of the disaster recently.  It’s interesting to hear him talk about what he’s seen, who he’s met, and view the pictures he’s posted on Facebook. It’s sobering. I have been so grateful for him, and the stories and pictures he’s shared. He reminds me to pray.

Thanks, Dudley for being obedient.  Thank you for allowing Jesus to use you as His hands and His feet in a situation that for many seems hopeless. I love you buddy!

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