I feel like I’ve read it hundreds of times.  There’s been underlining, bracketing, and comments made; the pages are even bent and worn.  Why haven’t I noticed this theme before?

Do you ever have moments like that?

When it comes to my bible reading, I am a creature of habit.  Unless I am preparing to speak, share, or write, I start in Genesis, and read through to Revelation.  And, when I reach the end, I start all over again.

This year, while reading through the Old Testament, I am seeing the word, “Remember” a lot more often than before.  It seems as if God is re-iterating the theme over and over again.  But why?

I’m human.  I mess up.  Oftentimes, what God does in me, through me, and around me escapes me.  My life doesn’t always change.  I tend to go back to what’s comfortable.  I’m like the Israelites when they didn’t remember what God had promised, and what He had done;  I put my trust in something else.  I take action into my own hands.  I think that when I do that, the heart of God grieves.

God wants us to remember His promises, remember His faithfulness, Remember His goodness, and His wrath.  He wants us to remember where we’ve come from and what He’s brought us through. He wants to see us go forward, not returning to the things of our past.  He longs to see us set free.  He yearns to see us fleeing from bondage and living the life He created for us.

The bible does a really wonderful job painting a vivid picture of the rewards and consequences we receive when we choose to remember, and when we forget.  Remembering is often times accompanied by blessing and the moving forward; while forgetting often hinders us in the way we see God and react to His goodness and His faithfulness.

Oftentimes, I forget so easily. I need to ask Jesus to help me remember who I used to be, what He’s brought me through, and who I am now.  I have to ask him to keep His words fresh in me, to constantly show me His heart, be in my bible daily, spending time in prayer with my Jesus.

A friend of my family often tells others what God is doing in his life.  He shares his story, what God has brought him through and who he is now, every chance he gets.  Whether or not they seem like small details, or big-picture events, he magnifies Jesus by doing what he calls “re-walking his blessings.” I love that.  I want to be a person who’s life magnifies my Lord.  I want to be someone who’s life shouts the fame of Jesus. I want others to look at me, and not see me.  I want to be invisible, so Christ can be visible.

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.  Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced, you his servants, the descendants of Abraham,  his chosen ones, the children of Jacob. –Psalm 105:4-6

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