A Week From Today… Whaaa?

I can’t believe it. I think I might actually be ready for school to start!  Well, mentally speaking that is…

I decided to return back to school this fall, working towards the completion of my degree in Public Relations. Because I spent this summer in Honduras, I missed my registration date.  Once I arrived home, both my advisors were on vacation and all the classes I needed were full.  It was awesome.

So, I did what any normal person would do.  I freaked out.

After somewhat regaining my composure, I called the college, and sent e-mails to anyone and everyone I thought might be able to assist me.  I was able to enroll in 6 credits, and had quite a high number on the wait list for two classes.  It was discouraging.

Classes start a week from today.  I am now enrolled in 10 credits, and am on the wait list for two classes,  both in which my chances are fairly great I will be signed into.  I now possess my parking pass, my books, and my advisor is back in the office, and is e-mailing me back on a regular basis.  Life is good.

I can now think about my classes without having a nervous breakdown.  School no longer seems quite so discouraging. I can do this.  I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s still a little dim, but at least it’s there 🙂

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