Drought in East Africa

Most of us in America have no idea what it’s truly like to be hungry. When we hear that others have no food, and no water, we simply cannot compute.

The drought in East Africa is grueling and tragic.  Some families have traveled up to 100 miles to get food and water, and in some cases, having to bury family members along the way.  Crops are scarce and livestock are dying out.

When I look at the images on my computer screen, my heart breaks. Having spent two months on Kenyan soil this past fall, I don’t just see pictures, I see people.  I remember stories, sounds, smells.  I find myself praying for the people I know on the ground, and I pray for rain. I’m overwhelmed.

What can we do?  After all, it’s a huge problem and we’re just one or two, or three people.  Pray.  You can pray for those who are affected by the drought.  Pray for those whose families are without food and water.  Pray for those who are on the ground aiding, for their safety, for their families, for opportunities to share Jesus with those without hope.  You can give.  Give to an organization who is responsible with their resources, who is on the ground aiding.  Give to an organization like Convoy of Hope.

If you are reading this before October 3rd, visit Sevenly’s website.  They are selling really cool t-shirts, raising money for Convoy of Hope to help supply food and water to the drought victims of East Africa. 

This video was filmed in Kenya with Convoy of Hope’s East Africa Director, Bryan Burr.  During our time in Kenya, our team worked with Bryan.  I’m proud to have been a part of what they’re doing there.

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