Obedience is Worship, a Blog From the Road

I’m trying something new. I’m blogging from my iPhone this morning, on my way to class. Excuse the typos, it’s a small keyboard and a bumpy ride…

Last night after small group, I was chatting with someone about what God was doing in our lives. She had just finished telling me how her daughter was feeling restless and disconnected in her current stage of life and I was just beginning to fill her in on the current details of mine.

I began to share with her how I had been recently feeling sorry for myself for having to return back to school; that it was filling all my time, that I didn’t have the time to spend with friends and commit to church the way I was accustomed to.

Then, I shared my current revelation. The day before I had a course correction. During my speech (It sounded pathetic, I’m sure…) to God about my current situation, He spoke up and put me in my place (I was then asked if I would be blogging on this topic shortly, I laughed and said probably… So Carol, here it is!). I was quickly reminded that obedience is, in fact, worship. The bible mentions obedience early on, just after Abraham agrees quickly to journey to the mountain to sacrifice his beloved promise, Isaac.

While school is not nearly as exciting as camping in Kenya, planning jazz festivals in Hawaii, delivering water filters in Haiti, unloading trucks in Joplin or playing with kids in Honduras, it is what God is asking me to do right now.

And, it is just as important.

Obedience is worship. God sees the full picture of my life. Although some seasons of my life seem more exciting than others, it is not my job to rank them in the order of importance I believe they should be in. God’s up to something. He has an incredible plan for my life, and He loves it when I allow Him to use me in my current state.

People are people. God loves us all the same. He equally longs for each of us to know Him fully. For this season, I am called to love, worship and display Him here.

So this morning in route to class, I find myself both humbled and grateful. Thank you Jesus for caring for me enough to not only use me, but for taking time to train and equip me for the things that are to come.

Worship is obedience. Sacrifice is costly. Jesus’ way is always best.

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