Singleness and Christianity

A good friend and I have started a new tradition of having coffee every Tuesday morning before she heads to work (and I spend the day doing homework…).  Today, as we updated each other on our lives, she pulled up a ridiculously painful video of one-liners often said to Christian singles (Check out Jon Acuff’s blog post Surviving church as a single).  As we laughed through the video, we realized we have been the recipients of nearly every one of the statements spoken.

Watching the short YouTube video this morning has left me thinking.  As someone who has spent all of their life surrounded by the culture of church, I often wonder if we, as Christians, place a higher expectation on ourselves and on others to marry than those outside the church.  I think at times, singles can be seen as less accomplished; like they are waiting for their life to begin (I am aware that when I say that out loud it sounds ridiculous).  Why is our culture like that?

As someone who loves the Lord and truly longs to do and be what He created me to be, I at times wonder how much getting caught up in the madness of wishing I was married effects how effectively God can use me today.  Does it mean that I don’t trust God for what He has for me?  Do I think I could run my life better?  Truthfully? Sometimes, I’m scared to say I do.

As a follower of Jesus, I am called to live a life that is often counter-culture to that of those who do not call themselves Christians.  Jesus never promised me an easy life.  He never promised me rose-colored glasses or a life free of uncertainty and moments of loneliness.  But He did give me life, and He promised it more abundantly.  He promises to take care of me and to give me a hope and a future.  He made me in His image with a purpose, forming me in my mother’s womb.  Who I am created to be, my purpose and how I shine the light of Jesus does not begin when I am married, it began when I was created.  I shine the light of Jesus when I choose to say yes to him.

Today, I prepare to be a good wife to a man I have never (to my knowledge) met.  I choose to love and honor him by loving Jesus well, by living my life fully, by loving others, and by waiting for him today.

Who I am is rooted first and foremost in the God who created me and who sacrificed His Son’s life for me.  I am who I am because of Jesus, not because my Facebook status reads “Single,” “Married,” or “It’s complicated.”

4 thoughts on “Singleness and Christianity

  1. Wow. What you say is so true. I know for myself that because I am still single, there must be something wrong with me. I am not content to just be single and devoted to God. But being married should not be our priority…or meaning of life. God should be. Until we are content in God alone, we are not ready for marriage.

  2. Have you seen Hey Christian Girl ➡ ? It’s filled with hilarious one liners about single girls. Cracks me up! I’m so jealous of your Tuesday morning tradition! I used to do the same thing over lunch with one of my best friends and seriously miss that sacred place of friendship in my life.

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