The Most Offensive Word in America?

Last night I read an article in Relevant Magazine titled “The Most Offensive Word in America.”The article suggests that the most offensive word for Americans is submission.


All day I have found myself thinking about this article. I’m not sure I entirely agree.  I don’t think my culture or my generation would admit to the word’s offensive nature. I think that if asked, they would choose from a selection of verbiage that, quite honestly, would make me blush to say aloud. Americans don’t find the word offensive, but I would argue we do find its meaning to be.

Our natural flesh craves to be its own god. We want to be in control, and apart of us really wants to be worshipped. We don’t like others telling us what we can and cannot do or accomplish.  We like our self dictated “freedom.” Not being in control of our own lives scares us. It boils down to fear.

We fear inadequacy. We fear we are unloveable. We fear the unknown.

But, to give yourself to something much bigger than yourself, to say yes to God and no to yourself is ultimately agreeing with making the impossible probable. It’s understanding that although we may not have all our ducks in a row (or maybe we can’t find any of our ducks at all…), we are still loved and wanted.  It’s us beginning to see that God’s way is ALWAYS perfect. It’s always right. It’s always good.

When we as individuals and a culture begin to understand submission in the light of Jesus and His grace,we begin to see it as a gift rather than an offensive concept.  In the light of True Love, submission becomes a really beautiful thing.

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