How much do you love me?

I love children. I love their simplicity, their honestly, their sweetness and their contagious belly laughs.

I also love how they constantly point me towards Jesus.

Several weeks ago I was helping a mother and her young daughter pick out a gift for a friend at the boutique I work at.  The mother was intent on finding the perfect gift, the girl simply twirled beside her. After finding the perfect gift, the mother picked up the little girl and the two watched me gift wrapped.

“Mama, do you love me?” I heard the little girl ask her mother.

“Oh hunny, I love you more than you’ll ever know.” she answered.

“But how much?” the girl replied while stretching out her arms as wide as they’d go, “this much?”

“Much more than that.” her mother replied.

“More than that?” the daughter said wide-eyed. “Mama, spread your arms wide.”

The woman set the little girl down on the counter and spread her arms as wide as they’d go as her daughter chimed,

“Do you love me that much?!”

“Oh hunny, I love you more than that. You are my gift, my treasure. I love you more than you can measure.” said the mom while gazing into her little girls eyes.

“Wow. That’s a lot.” the daughter replied.

Walking back over to deliver the freshly wrapped present, I couldn’t help but wear a smile as I reflected on the conversation I had just eavesdropped in on. Over the past several weeks, I have often been reminded of this sweet little conversation. It’s as if Jesus is gently reminding me of the depths and vastness of his love for me.  No matter how wide my arms are spread, His love will never be able to be measured. I will never understand, nor grasp His love for me.

I am slowly beginning to understand just how much God loves and delights in me. May I learn to walk in His confidence, knowing my identity is found in simply being His child.

Love you, Jesus. Thank you for the constant reminder of your goodness.

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