Becoming the Very Best Wine

Are you living, really living?

Have you ever thought of the fact that maybe we’ve become blind to the beauty surrounding us and become okay with the normal and the mundane? Is it possible that we are confusing what it means to be alive with what it means to exist?

As a race, we’re losing sight to what is truly beautiful. We’ve become accustomed to being much less than we were created to be.

The first 12 verses of John 2 tell us the story of Jesus’ first miracle. Through Jesus’ actions, we are shown a glimpse into the heart of an artisan. Jesus not only turned water into wine, He turned water into the best wine. Oftentimes, when we replay the miracle of the wedding banquet, we gloss over something rather significant. He also had created the water. Years before, Jesus spoke water into existence.

Jesus could have created the very best wine out of nothing. Instead, he invited others along in the journey and asked them to fill all the jars they could find with water. The servants watched the water transform into wine and then took it to the master of the banquet who claimed it to be the best wine he’d ever had.

While the servants knew where the wine came from, their master did not. He was unaware he was drinking a miracle, but he tasted it’s greatness. 

I love this.

Oftentimes, we as Christians feel the need to label what we are doing for Christ. We take mediocre actions and events and slap Christ’s name on them. Instead, we should be focusing on developing a relationship with the Authentic Artisan and allowing Him to create through us. You create from what’s inside you. When you are full of love, joy and light, you naturally create authentically beautiful things.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t see a problem with placing God’s name on products and programs when things are done with excellence. I work for an organization that does that and I think it’s both wonderful and powerful. What I am feeling challenged by is the temptation to create something mediocre and unoriginal, and justifying the process by slapping on a Jesus label and  saying it’ll be ‘good enough.’ God calls us to do what we can do and then to bring it to Him. He then touches it and makes it into something only He can do. When we partner with Jesus, He creates extraordinary things, things only He can create.

When others taste my life I want them to taste Jesus, the best of the best. I want Jesus and His works to be so evident in my life that I don’t have to slap His label all over me, because He’s already marked me. I don’t want to create mediocre things and try to justify them. And I don’t want to become a person who is okay with settling for ordinary. I want to create things that are new and beautiful, things that attract others to the heart of Jesus.

In the story of the wedding banquet, you and I are simply the water. God created us to create and imagined us to imagine. You and I have the ability to truly create the beautiful when we are brought to Christ. He then makes us into wine. The best wine.


4 thoughts on “Becoming the Very Best Wine

  1. Just beautiful. I love your heart and I see your life so obviously marked by God. You inspire me to radically live for God… Thank you for blessing so many by allowing God to pour himself through your life. Love you!

    • Thank you! I was just missing you this afternoon… I cut up some perfectly red strawberries and it made me smile! Sorry I’m the worst pen pal ever. I’ll get something in the mail one of these days!

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