Social {Media} Butterflies

I’m a social butterfly.

Like, I really love people.

People watching, meeting new friends, connecting and reconnecting with people I hold dear, hearing stories, laughing at life, and creating adventure, simply put, my life is deeply enriched when it’s surrounded by others.

My mother says I’ve been like this sense I was an infant. I’ve always enjoyed being the life of the party, telling stories and making others laugh. I’m a firm believer that life should be shared well with others (and that it should also be documented well through pictures). But recently, I’ve found myself asking,

Am I missing out on life because I’m spending too much time staring at my iPhone?

My phone serves as filler in the spaces of silence, downtime and awkwardness. I find myself, often out of habit, opening and “connecting” with people on social media, rather than intentionally reaching out in real life. In doing this, I fear I am beginning to know a lot about people, rather than really knowing people. There’s a disconnect.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Relationships take work. They take time and effort on both sides. They take trust and vulnerability, something most of us would rather bypass by creating half-hearted online connections.

I see its effects in my relationship with Christ as well.

The Holy Spirit often speaks to us in the times we are still. It’s in the silent moments we hear His whisper the clearest. I, like many in my generation, tend to fill as many of those moments as possible with other things. Honestly, sometimes the silence and stillness makes me uncomfortable. It’s not glitzy or entertaining. I don’t always hear God’s voice, and sometimes when I do, I don’t like what He has to say.

But, God is always good. And like earthly relationships, developing one with Him takes time, energy, vulnerability and trust. I can’t know Him, love Him or trust Him if I don’t make the effort to spent time in His presence. If the Holy Spirit speaks in the silence, I need to create those moments for Him to speak in.

My challenge to myself, and to you, is to make conscious efforts to put down our phones. Just because I am a social butterfly doesn’t mean I constantly need to be a social media butterfly. I want to be a person who is fully vested in the lives of the people I am with. I want to be a daughter who spends quality time with her Abba Daddy.

Let’s live the life God’s placed us in. Let’s be a people who invest in our communities, who take time to get to know those around us and who intentionally place ourselves in the presence of God, hearing His voice and doing what He asks of us. May we become far more interested in leaving legacies than status updates.


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