Florida: One Year Down!

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This week marks one year in Florida. How did that happen?

Feeling a little sentimental, I’ve intentionally set aside some time to reflect over the past 365 days, to re-walk my blessings and to see God’s hand in the midst of the hard times. While I will always consider myself a Washingtonian, I am learning that my home is where my heart is. And I’m choosing to plant it here, investing and trusting that’s here I’ll stay until I die, or God moves me.

Looking back over the past year, here are few nuggets that stand out to me:

  • Obeying and trusting God isn’t always easy, but He’s always good
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to learn
  • Asking questions is wise
  • Community is important
  • Building lasting relationships take time and effort
  • Skype and FaceTime are awesome
  • I have a really great group of friends
  • Never say never…
  • With time, my hair actually adjusts to humid climates
  • I really love sharing the Gospel with children
  • God is always faithful

I’m so thankful for the life I’ve been given. I really do feel like I have much more than I deserve. Thank you to all of you who pray for me, encourage me, challenge me, make me laugh, buy me coffee and are consistently in my corner. I love you guys, and I wouldn’t be where or who I am without you. Community is a gift. And you play a huge part in that.


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