The Journey Matters

Today I booked a plane ticket.

(I know, yay me…)

While the process of actually booking a flight wasn’t completely out of my ordinary, today’s purchasing process was: it was for a long flight in a short, specific time window. While struggling to locate a plane that could transport me to (and from) the correct location in a timely manner, I was reminded of something:

The journey matters.

Oftentimes, I shape my life around my dream destinations. I compare myself with where others are, and where I think I should be. I focus on the next big thing, the next skill set or the next stage of life, forgetting what it takes to get there. But that’s not how you or I was designed to live.


Details matter to God. Process matters to God. The moments and the steps are important. Why you ask? Because it’s the small things that add up to the big things. It’s the moments, the habits formed and the thoughts and actions taken that not only bring us to a destination, but that form us into being the person we were created to be. It’s also not usually about us. The steps we take affect those around us.

I’m a firm believe that we are all called to live a life bigger than ourselves. That means that we are all called to dream big, and to take big strides in directions that can at times seem downright scary. But, my fear is that, when we focus solely on the end destination we alienate those around us rather than seeing them for what they really are: gifts. You and I weren’t made to do life in a vacuum. We were made it live it out fully with others.

Ernest Hemingway once penned the phrase, “it happens gradually, then suddenly”. While Hemingway’s quote was meant for a different topic, I think that his intention is still relevant to this process. Journeying often seems gradual, uneventful and meaningless, and then suddenly, you’re there.

So go, enjoy the journey. Ask God to show you destinations, but don’t fixate on them. Learn to walk hand in hand with Him, appreciating the scenery and the people He’s gifting you with along the way. Remember, the steps taken dictate your destination.


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