about me

Version 2Hello! And welcome. Here you’ll find a collection of ramblings as I navigate through life, love and the pursuit of Jesus. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! 

And because it’s always more fun when you know a bit about who’s behind the pen, here’s a few fun facts about me…

  • I love Jesus better in the context of community
  • I’m pretty convinced I have the best family on the planet.
  • I am passionate about people
  • I’m an Apple fan
  • I love reading on country porches
  • My favorite color is stripes
  • I sing in my car
  • I love watching the sunrise, but hate getting up early
  • I want to visit everywhere once
  • I’m a wicked good marshmallow toaster
  • I was born via an emergency c-section
  • Stories fascinate me
  • I put maple syrup on my cornbread
  • I enjoy cooking
  • I love gift wrapping almost as much as I love gift giving
  • I collect Disney Classics
  • I love people watching
  • I think the rain smells great
  • I think coffee brewing is an art
  • I seriously love going to the zoo
  • I don’t know how many shoes I own
  • My favorite movie is Singing in the Rain
  • I enjoy eating with chopsticks
  • My favorite season is fall
  • I don’t blog nearly as much as I should
  • I think a good laugh can cure almost anything

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